Stock Control
Greeting Cards


We seek to offer the right card for every customer that walks into your store.

Our extensive Stock Control covers captions from ‘Birth to Sympathy’ and in range of genres. 

We create amazing artworks finished with a range of treatments, all printed on high quality paper stocks.

From small independent stores, to international large orders – we can create a package perfect for you!

So give the leaders in Stock Control a call today!

Increase Profits!

Did you know we were the first to introduce Card Manager Software to Australia? We’re the experts in learning your store, your area and your needs.

In-Store Management Control

We use live, in-store reporting to ensure you always have the very best cards for your store.

Each of our team are equiped with the latest technology, and can tell you in your store what designs are working best for your store! 

No other greeting card company has this capability!

Combined with access to your account online, and our online store – you are in control!

What does this mean for you?

You have instant and easy access to knowing what does, and doesn’t, work. Designs which are underperforming in your store can be switched out quickly thus minimising loss in profits.

So why not take advantage of our FREE in-store appraisal and see how we can improve your profits!

FREE Point of Sale

Make an impact!

Our Stock Control Point of Sale (POS) elements are designed for effective, easily recognisable colour coded displays and are planned to keep your display visually stunning and neat. 

The easy to read system of banners and flags and the large range of of caption indicators allow customers to easily find their desired captions; Dad, Mum, Daughter, etc. 

This strong visual impact will compliment and enrich your Stock Control and has the flexibility needed to meet the requirements of your individual display. Resulting in an enhanced store profile and increased profits.

Point of Sale banners, indicators and flags can be used within card racks, spinners and counter top displays. 

We will work with you in designing the perfect Stock Control plan to ensure your store looks neat, easy to navigate and make customer purchases quick and easy!