Reporting & Sales 

How we help you increase profits…


We use live, in-store reporting to ensure you always have the very best cards for your store!

No guessing, no waiting, we’re there for you!

Each of our team are equiped with the latest technology, and can tell you in your store what designs are working best for your store! 

Combined with access to your account online, and our online store – you are in control!

What does this mean for you?

You have instant and easy access to knowing what does, and doesn’t, work. Designs which are underperforming in your store can be switched out quickly thus minimising loss in profits.

So why not take advantage of our FREE in-store appraisal and see how we can improve your profits!

Increase Profits!

Did you know we were the first to introduce Card Manager Software to Australia?

We’re the experts in learning your store, your area and your needs.

Greeting Card Sales 

Only the very best sellers


Our system allows us to see instantly how each card design is performing. Of course, all our designs are simply gorgeous, but some work better than others depending on the area, demographic and style. 

With a local in-house design team, we create custom designs based on local area demographics. In the city? How about some trendy, instagram worthy birthday cards? By the beach, try our unique Aussie beach and surf sceans. 

Gift Products 

Novelty, Stocking fillers to social stationery.


Need a last minute gift? Want some stunning stationery or simply want to spoil yourself with something fun! Our in-depth range of products cover almost any occasion – even if there isn’t one! 

For Arts Sake has fun, novelty products such as top selling back scratchers and light-up key chains, as well as high quality social stationery in modern and traditional styles.

Whatever you need – we have it!

Book a our FREE in-store appraisal today and see how we can help you!