For Arts Sake would like to announce a change in our Greeting Card offering.

For Arts Sake has recognised the need for a locally produced inspirational card offering with sentiments having a more direct appeal to the Australian and New Zealand markets.   The For Arts Sake design team have been keen to release their own offering in the inspirational stand alone category for some time to meet this need.

Not wishing to carry two inspirational ranges, For Arts Sake has decided to concentrate on the new release its own in-house published inspiration brand, ‘New Horizons’.  Accordingly For Arts Sake will discontinue the American brand Blue Mountain Arts cards on 31 December 2019.

Our relationship with Blue Mountain Arts continues with the related product offerings, such as Journals, Mini Book, Card Books, Magnets, Calendars etc.

For Arts Sake’s ‘New Horizons’ brand has 5 new inspirational card ranges, each with a different perspective in art and message.   The New Horizons ranges will be available from mid December 2019, with samples available in November.

‘New Horizons’ inspirational brand brings a fresh offering to inspirational sentiments, ranging from a traditional, contemporary and more modern design and message.

For Arts Sake has been serving the Australia / New Zealand market in the inspirational category for over 15 years.  Over the last few years we have seen a demand for more diverse and contemporary offerings in this category.   In these more uncertain times the inspirational category has taken on more importance with a larger potential market available with the right targeted designs.  New Horizons recongnises and seeks to serve a broader demographic and at the same time having a strong understanding of the very human need to express feelings and sentiments.   Our talented in-house design team with an Australasian perspective have the ability to expand, adapt and add new designs which are on target with the local demand.

‘New Horizons’ cards focus on heartwarming affirmations, with sentiments full of love, encouragement and wonder, lifting the hearts and emotions of those receiving them.  Sentiments have been crafted by a range of in-house and external authors in a variety of styles and blended with distinct art techniques and styles.

‘New Horizons’ will launch with 5 different card ranges, totalling 121 cards.  This is our largest stand alone launch ever from For Arts Sake.  These cards will entirely fill all our free standing spinner options or fill approximately 10 rows of space.   Each range will have from 16 to 42 designs, including a square range ‘Aspire’ of 16 designs.  So there is lots of flexibility for all styles of Stand Alone fixtures.

‘New Horizons’ concentrates on best selling captions such as Mum, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Son etc  alongside every day best sellers ‘general Happy Birthday’ and ‘Someone Special’ – so you get the best of the best!

We are proud to be able to release our ‘New Horizons’ inspirational brand.

‘New Horizons’ Greeting Card Ranges:

Morning Star’ launches with 42 designs of exquisite watercolour paintings. ‘Morning Star’ is a modern take of a traditional greeting card, each design hand painted in watercolours.  Printed on textured stock, rounded corners, embossing and foiling, with comprehensive heartwarming sentiments inside on paper insert.

‘Aspire’ sees the first square card range by For Arts Sake! Launching with 16 designs, these are printed on high gloss with bright fluro ink, foil, glitter and a matching fluro envelope! This range will really attract attention!



‘Endearments’ will see 21 initial designs released. With captivating artwork and with a flourish of heart-warming words of love and affection inside, ‘Endearments’ will charm all ages! This range is printed on uncoated stock, with embossing and foil and finished with matching ribbon on each card.

Heart & Soul

‘Heart and Soul’ opens with 21 designs. Comprehensive written sentiments exposes the heart and soul of the giver to the receiver, saying the right things at the right time – customers will love the wonderful soft watercolour illustrations that completes the look and feel of this range. A 3 panel card printed on textured stock, with embossing and verko..


‘Sunshine’ launches with 21 designs, including 6 general ‘Happy Birthday’ and top selling captions such as ‘Mum, Daughter and Granddaughter’. These designs feature hand-drawn and painted floral and trend designs on textured stock with foil and glitter, finished with beautiful sentiments on a paper insert.