Wholesale Christmas Greeting Cards and Gifts

Premium quality greeting cards and gifts for all seasons!

For Arts Sake seasonal Greeting Cards bring delight to customers with their fun, vibrant designs! Cards are printed on quality thick card stock and finished with a variety of treatments from foils, glitter, inserts, gems and more!

Whole Christmas Charity Boxed cards add extra magic with 12 delightful cards in two designs. 10% of sales of these cards go to our various charities.


Wholesale Christmas Charity Box Sets

We enjoy being one of the few suppliers delivering true premium product. After years of success and growth within our Charity Boxed Card range, we have seen a continuous trend towards our highly treated designs with high price-point having solid performance year after year. These higher pricepoint designs consistently deliver lower return rates than many untreated and lower price-point designs. While many suppliers focus on the “budget” end of the boxed card market, we have observed a strong trend within the industry that consumers are readily seeking out a high quality premium product that offers value for money.

Wholesale Christmas Gifts

From fun stocking fillers, party trinkets, Christmas stationery to Christmas wrapping paper, we have it all!