In a world of noise and distractions, it’s time to relax and be re-engergised! Drop one of these sweet as candy, bath fizzers into the water and let the stimulating smells and bubbles wash over you.  Settle all those worries and troublesome emotions and let these bath bombs draw out impurities from your skin with a little sprinkle of magic.

‘Heart Fizzers’ come as two adorable heart shapped bath bombs inside a custom made gift box. Four designs are up for choosing, including elegant gold, deep burgundy, lovely red and soft blush pink.

‘Love Bath Bombs’  come in as a set of three, in either Red Rose, Pink Rosemary or White and Mint Vanilla, packaged within a clear gift cylinder. 

 Wholesale Pre-orders are open now for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or as an Everyday Gifting option for your retail store.