Exclusive to For Arts Sake, our Australiana Greeting Card and Product Ranges feature wonderful artworks of Australian animals, koalas, birds, turtles and more!

These bespoke designs are all handpainted and created by Australian artists.

Two different designs are available, ‘Aussie Mates’ (pictured right) full of smiling happy faces for a fun, modern twist and ‘Coolabah’ an upmarket botanial style. 


Products available:

  • Greeting Cards
  • Journals
  • Purse Pad
  • Writing Set
  • Writing Pad
  • Gift Bags
Australian Aussie Mates Greeting Cards

‘Coolabah’ features the most iconic of Australian fauna and flora, set against a striking white background, this range comes in greeting cards and bookmarks.

‘Aussie Mates’ feature the happy smiling faces of Australian fauna. Full of colour, this range includes greeting cards, journals, gift bags and purse pad – our most popular products!

Several Greeting Card designs have been especially designed for Tourism market, such as ‘Greetings from Downunder’, pictured right.

Australian Aussie Mates Greeting Cards